5 More Lies You Grew Up Believing About Yourself

Previously we mentioned the eagle that grew up in a chicken coop believing it was a chicken, and we talked about five limiting beliefs that you may have grown up with similar to this eagle. So… yeah, this is basically part two of the previous article. If you haven’t read it yet, you can go check it out so that this article makes more sense. Otherwise, let’s now consider the other five lies you grew up believing about yourself.

• Lie # 6: You don’t have enough time. Let’s be honest, we all have the same 24 hours a day, therefore we shouldn’t even begin to use this one as an excuse. And yet we have, quite often too! I get it though, your schedule may be busier than mine and my schedule may be busier than others. Yet this still doesn’t mean we don’t have enough time to work on the goals we want to achieve.

Let me ask you this, what are you busying your days with so much anyway? And how important are those things? If they are important, can you prioritize? As simple as these questions may be, please meditate on them for a minute. 60, 59, 58, 57, 56, 55…

Now let me ask you this, how important is it for you to follow through with your endeavors? Is it more important than some of the things you’re already doing daily? If so, why not replace those lesser important things with the more important work you’ve got to do?

OK, I know that all of this might sound like such a simple thing to say, especially considering the fact that it can be rather difficult for many of us to apply. There really isn’t a lot that’s easier done than said! So let me share a little secret with you that just might help.

Putting together a written list, or an agenda for yourself, with deadlines and a schedule to compliment it, through self-discipline, can really help you make this possible. Yeah, that’s still easier said than done! But don’t worry, I’m going to share a couple of tools later in this article that will help you with this and with the rest of what we’re talking about here.


For now, let’s consider another area in which you supposedly don’t have enough time. And that is the assumption that you’re too old, so basically it’s too late since you don’t have much time left on earth. This is a theory that has been proven wrong many times! There are many examples of people who have achieved great things at an advanced age.

For example, Sylvester Stallone was in his 30’s when his film Rocky earned ten Academy Award nominations. Yeah so maybe that’s still young! What about Julia Child who wrote her first cookbook at 50. In fact, it was years after her first cookbook that Julia became well known for her cooking show ‘The French Chef‘.

If that’s not old enough, what about Benjamin Franklin who became well known for signing the Declaration of Independence at age 70. And finally, we can’t forget about Colonel Sanders who despite his rough life, founded KFC, becoming a billionaire in his 80’s. Actually, I can go for some KFC right now.

These are just four examples to name a few! There are countless more people who have achieved great things at an older age. So honestly, if they could, why can’t you? You’re human just like them aren’t you, plus you have your own unique qualities and abilities. Therefore, if you’re still breathing, you still have time.

• Lie # 7: You can’t afford it. Let me confess something to you that perhaps you’ve never heard before: You CAN afford anything… well just about anything. Really! You’re not as broke as you think you are. Think about this, money, mainly fiat currency is really just bank notes that are supposed to represent a promise to pay back the sum of physical assets deposited.

Nowadays however, money really represents a percentage of debt banks create through loans. Basically, money is being created out of thin air every single day. Although this can pose bad news for the banking system in the long run, it is good news for you today.

This means that there’s a surplus of money out there, contrary to what you were raised to believe. Remember the assertion “Money doesn’t grow on trees”? Well, it kind of does, from cotton and linen fibers to be exact. Either way, what this phrase is suppose to inculcate is not entirely accurate either, because you CAN actually make money grow too.

Let’s get back to the trees to illustrate how things work out there: Let’s say a few people (we’ll call them group A) pay a majority of people (we’ll call them group B) with just a few seeds to sow their trees, that is, group A’s trees. Then group A consumes the fruit of their trees that were cultivated by group B whom they paid with just the seeds of their fruit. Now, what do you think Group A, Group B and the trees represent?

You may have figured out that Group A are of course people such as entrepreneurs or business owners, the trees represent things such as businesses, industries, corporations and companies, while group B are the employees that work in them. You see, the way things work out there really is just like this tree illustration. So why not, instead of consuming all of the seeds you’re paid with, save some of those seeds to invest in growing your own trees that will reproduce more for you?

Regardless of which, whether as an employee or an entrepreneur, instead of thinking you can’t afford something, why not be reasonable and content with what you have now while you save and invest for what you need then? You can always create a financial plan to sow what you need to invest in your goals. Just remember that self-control and self-discipline are also important here!

In fact, let me recommend you a book that has not only helped many of us manage our money and time better, but will also teach you how to earn more, and travel more while working less. It’s called The 4 Hour Workweek. I’m pretty sure you’re going to love this book!

lies my parents told me

Similar to time, think about how much money you’re spending on certain things every month. Then ask yourself how much do you really need those things. And are they more important than the money you need to invest in manifesting your goals? Once you’ve cut the fat you’re unnecessarily spending money on, you can then create a financial plan with a balance sheet to proceed with the necessary investment.

Perhaps one main reason many people aren’t able to afford something important is because they’re just not willing to sacrifice the lesser important things they don’t really need, to make up for what they do need. Nevertheless, more often than not, it’s people’s poor mentalities that keep them poor. The more you think you can’t afford something, the more you will actually not be able to afford it. So what you really can’t afford to do is to keep listening to, talking about or thinking about how much you can’t afford things.

• Lie # 8: You’re hopeless and helpless. Look, open your eyes a little more and you will realize that you live in the information age. This means that you have unlimited sources at your reach where you can get help in learning just about anything. Some of which are even free! For example, whatever it is that you’re endeavoring to achieve, I’m pretty sure there’s a handful of ‘How To’s’ on the Internet. I mean, you’ve got things like Google, YouTube, and Pinterest where you can access significant help.

You also have schools and books where you can gain the help you need by learning what you need to learn to achieve your goals. Or what about friends and family who you can ask for help; I’m sure some of them would be happy to help you however they can. And you can’t forget about the nearly eight billion people on this planet you can connect with and make exchanges with for assistance.

All you have to do is ask for help! Just remember that although you may get many ‘No’s’, that doesn’t mean that you won’t get a ‘Yes’. It’s a numbers game, like many things. Remember too that if you keep on asking, it shall be given to you eventually. Oh and last but definitely not least, now you have me and TIAAY to help you out too.

• Lie # 9: You need motivation or inspiration. I understand that it’s important for you to stay motivated and inspired to achieve great things. That’s just it though, you need to STAY driven. Therefore, it’s important to keep fueling your drive so that you can thrive, just like you need to keep feeding yourself food to stay alive.

However, often times such food starts becoming tasteless or worse stale. You may get pumped up with motivation for a while, yet that may dissipate a while later. This begs the question, what else can you do then?

When a gazelle notices a lion heading towards it, it runs as fast as it can, and usually nowhere in particular. It just runs to get away from danger! Therefore it needs motivation from outside to get it moving, and yet has no focus towards where it’s going. Once the lion stops chasing it though, the gazelle stops and carries on with its regular consumption routine.

lies i grew up with

A lion however gets moving because of the drive it has inside, Hunger! Moreover, the lion is confident, it knows what it wants, knows what it’s got and knows how to use it. He realizes what he is and realizes his potential.

And this my friend is not just some temporary quality. This is why, like a lion, you need to develop and maintain that drive from inside by knowing what you want, with clarity, and realizing what you’re truly made of. Plus, you’ve got to be hungry!

Such a realization is in fact critical if you really want to reach your goals. Otherwise you’ll just continue on to be the victim in life like the gazelle. That is why I wrote and am giving you the book The Seed for FREE, to start you on this realization journey, so that you can maintain your drive and therefore thrive. Not to mention the articles here, as well as the videos where we talk more about you and your value.

• Lie # 10: You’re too small to make a difference. If you step back and view earth from space, it may not be surprising to get the feeling of how small we are. Yet as small as we are, we can agree that humans have caused a significant amount of damage to our beautiful planet. So if we can cause a lot of damage despite being so small, it shouldn’t be far-fetched to believe that we can contribute a lot of greatness as well.

It is true that there is strength in numbers and that we can accomplish a lot together, yet it all starts with one person, a true leader. It all starts with you! You have the power to help many people in many ways. You have the power to brighten other people’s day.

You have the power to encourage those around you. You have the power to make people smile with what you say or do. You have the power to save lives, to teach, to influence, to inspire, and to help our planet. You have the power to pass on respect, kindness and above all, love.


Listen, you may be a small drop in a big aquatic planet, yet believe it or not you’ve got the power to create ripples than can turn into massive waves. You have that spark that can fire up a whole nation with passion. You are the puzzle piece we can’t complete our whole picture without.

Therefore, never believe the lies that only limit you from what you truly are, what you can do or who you can be. In fact, you’re too significant for all of us to live without. The truth is, we all need you. In fact, the next article is all about five great things you need to know about yourself.

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