5 Great Things You Need To Know About Yourself

Imagine if you will, standing on a stage with a microphone in front of you and millions of people watching you. Then you are asked, “What is the greatest thing about you?” How would you respond? What would you tell the millions of people watching?

Your answer may reveal a unique great truth about you, while you reflect on a balanced view of yourself. You may want your answer to sound significant and confident of course. Yet, you don’t want to sound arrogant either.

Regardless what your answer to that question is, did you know that there IS in fact something else great about you that you should definitely be proud of. And it’s very significant! Not to mention, you probably won’t seem arrogant bragging about this. It’s something that can truly be considered the greatest thing about you, which you should happily be able to express to millions.

Have you guessed what it is yet? What if I told you that it’s not what you think, but rather something you feel. Yes, it is… your ability to Love. Now wait, before you go on thinking I’m getting all soft on you, hear me out.

5 great things about you

With how rough this world keeps getting, the quality of love really is like a rare diamond in the rough, and a very important one at that. Despite all of the hate and division going on out there right now, being a loving person can promote kindness and unity. Not to mention, this quality contributes to true leadership.

In fact, there are 5 great things about you that are affiliated to your love and the amazing person that you are. So as promised in the headline, let’s reveal these 5 great things about you! It’s important that you understand these before we get deeper into other incredible things about you.

This way, as you realize your potential, you also realize all the good you can do for others too. I’m sure you can agree that life is not just about helping yourself, but helping others too. And with that in mind, here are the 5 great things about you.

1. You have the ability to be Considerate: This may sound weak but this is all about you, which includes other people too, people that you have the great ability to be considerate of. You see, as you gradually realize your value, your potential and the possibilities that exist around you, you’ll have the power to use this not just for yourself, but also in consideration of others too.

We’re not here simply to satisfy our own desires but also to contribute greatness to others and our planet. And much like our planet, what goes around, really does comes around. Furthermore, being considerate towards others makes you stand out in the sea of selfish, self-pleasing people around you, in essence making you more valuable.

Unfortunately, there really are a lot of inconsiderate people out there that, redundantly speaking, only consider themselves. They selfishly do whatever they want even if it harms other people, with some of them even having the audacity to act like they care. In fact, there are people that don’t realize or even care how they may be disturbing, inconveniencing or even hurting others.

There are some that don’t even realize how much people may have already been tolerating them! Yet when someone else does even 10% back to them, they get all defensive because only then it’s serious, only then it matters. It’s all fun and games until it happens to them. I know, this all seemed rather specific and personal. It’s not… sorta, I mean most of us have come across people like this.

Now, I’m not saying to go overboard with this, but when we consider acknowledging what others may be tolerating from us, this can help us be more considerate with them in return. Furthermore, you can remember to tolerate them when they do something to you as well. Overall, it just might be a good idea to be cognizant of how our actions may affect people, out of consideration for them, and for yourself.

Besides, when we really embrace this, it really is much nicer, easier and safer to just be considerate with people. And what about the joy that comes out of being considerate towards others? It’s a joy like no other, which both parties can enjoy and appreciate. Yet, for this to take place effectively, this calls for another great ability you have.

2. You have the ability to be Understanding: Yes, you have the ability to realize that we are all imperfect and therefore all fall short somehow; not to mention that we’re all dealing with some kind of trial. The truth is, we’re all in this together! Therefore, you can agree that we shouldn’t be quick to judge or condemn people merely by what appears to be on the surface.

It’s easy to jump to conclusions from what we may see. It’s easy to create an opinion of someone just by what someone else may say about them. It’s easy to judge someone simply by their past mistakes. It’s easy to shame someone by mere stigmas. It’s easy to be indifferent with someone just because of their race or gender. Yet, it takes effort to be understanding towards all, which you are totally capable of.

For example, if you see someone being rude on the road, there’s nothing holding you back from reasoning that perhaps they’re just having a bad day. And maybe you’ve had bad days where you’ve reacted the same way. If someone talks bad about someone else, you can reason that there’s another side to the story. It’s important to give others the benefit of the doubt, just like you would appreciate this if your name was slandered.

If someone has a questionable past, you can reason that perhaps that person has changed or is striving to improve, or maybe there’s more to the story that led them to react such ways in their past. And in case you haven’t been reminded of this today, no ones perfect! Yet these are just some examples of what being understanding can mean, because you never know what people may be going through.

Being understanding is such a valuable virtue to have in a world where we’re all facing some kind of trial. Plus, life really is better when we’re more aware of the trials others may be going through. Life is better when we’re also more aware of the good their is in people. And life gets even better when we focus more on the improvements we need to make ourselves.

Living life this way helps us treat people better and become better people! Besides, if we all tossed away judging and practiced more understanding, we would be living in a world that’s a bit more loving. And this takes us to the next great thing about you. Have any ideas what it is?

things i need to know about myself

3. You have the ability to be Fair: Yes, you have this great ability of deciphering what’s just and unjust. From a very early age, we could conclude that if our sibling got more candy than we did, it wasn’t fair. Now we use this ability on a bigger scale!

For example, if someone gets more privileges at work than you do, for no apparent reason to you, you might say something about it. If you see someone being treated unfairly, you might feel compelled to do something about it to help them. You see, throughout your life, you’re constantly battling for life to be played out fairly, for you and for others.

Let’s consider the matter of perspectives or taking sides for example. We mentioned earlier that there’s always another side to a story, therefore blindly taking one person’s side wouldn’t really be fair right? There is enough reason in you to know that it’s only fair to have a full picture before confirming anything.

Yet, parents may have a tendency to see their child in the right regardless; friends might defend their friends even when they’re wrong; lawyers defend their clients because they’re getting paid; and fans defend their idols even when they commit crimes. This just proves that it’s easy to be bias, to justify those we may have an affiliation with, while condemning the others. Sometimes even society can have an influence to our bias.

You however have the capability to look past all of this and handle things more fairly. I mean, would you just shun, disregard, discredit or disqualify people or things, if all you had was just one perspective? Whether it’s a person, a business, a movie or whatever, you can reason that it’s only fair to give them a chance by finding out for yourself.

A fool may be a fool, but at least you gave them a chance to find out for yourself. A movie may be a bad movie, yet opinions are different and at least you gave it a chance by watching it yourself. A business may be a bad business… well there are these things called reviews, and you get my point.

Listen, even when it comes to reviews, you just really never know. Some things that may not work for others may just work for you. There have been many restaurants and movies with bad reviews that I happened to like! My mom has a saying, different colors were made for different tastes. Yeah, it sounds better in Spanish.

The same goes for people! You might get along with someone that another person might not like. Imagine losing the opportunity of getting to know a lifetime best friend simply because of what someone else said about them. You might even miss your chance of true love because of this!

Again, we’re all in this together, yet we’re unique as individuals. So why not put to use your ability of opening your eyes, opening your mind, and more importantly opening your heart to people and things you haven’t personally gotten to know well yourself? This way you will be fair with others and fair with yourself.

4. You have the ability to be Compassionate: I get it, not everyone is a caring, lovey-dovey person, with a personality classified as a hugger, yet that doesn’t excuse being cold and heartless. After all, we all may go through something at some point in life where we’d appreciate some compassion. And it’s really not that difficult to put yourself in other people’s shoes to develop some compassion for them. You actually can do this and you probably have many times.

Think about the people that are suffering from hunger in foreign lands. Think about the people that are suffering from cancer in your own land. Think about the people that are suffering invisible things very few will ever understand. And what about the animals suffering from human exploitation? How do you feel about that? Evidently your compassion is well needed out there, especially with how crazy these past years have been, starting with this global pandemic.

Being that we all have struggles, compassion can really go a long way nowadays; not to mention practicing acts of kindness through our compassion. Let me add practicing ‘genuine’ acts of kindness, not simply to be seen. You can do good deeds without needing to have spectators or gain brownie points.

Yet if you are a genuine compassionate person, your acts of kindness will come naturally, and you’ll be further ahead in life than many are. I’ve been mentioning throughout this article that we’re in this together, and that’s because we really are. However, we become stronger together when we help each other, and being compassionate with one another is a great way of doing this.

5 great things about me

5. You have the ability to be Respectful: You also have the ability to give people the respect they’re due. You can remember that a person doesn’t have to be a super star or in power for you to respect them. Everyone deserves your respect, unless they do something immensely wrong to you. And even then you can prove yourself respectful through forgiveness. You don’t have to be close with them or maybe even associate with them, yet you can forgive, be kind and move on.

Being respectful with others can also include things like good etiquette, politeness and common courtesies. You won’t lose anything by opening the door for someone (women or men), or offering your seat to the elderly or a pregnant woman. Yet, you might open yourself the door to a new friendship and perhaps other opportunities.


There is no conclusion, because there are still 5 more great things you need to know about yourself. In fact, there are many more great things about you that you need to know, yet I consolidated some of the most important ones in a total of 10. It probably would have been too long of an article anyway if I had included all 10 here. Therefore, in the next article we’re going to discuss the other 5 great things about you that you probably never knew.

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