So What Is TIAAY All About? 

Simply put, it’s all about you, hence the name: This Is All About You. In fact, that’s what the acronym TIAAY stands for, This Is All About You. Now take a look at the URL, what does it say?

“That’s cute, but what is this really about?”

OK, here’s a hint: What do you get when you cross a highly advanced super computer, a priceless soul, infinite potential and countless possibilities?

An AI robot revolution… with souls? Alright for real though, you probably already know where I’m going with this, because it’s totally true. Seriously! This really is all about you, you who are radiantly alive, and a precious life who is magnificently designed. If you don’t believe me, watch this short video below:

Now, this isn’t just some cheesy attempt to simply boost your self-esteem, at least not all cheesy. Nor is this another one of those “you can do it” motivational things. It’s certainly not about some overly hyped “state of the art” ninja technique you’ve just got to get your pretty little hands on. And neither is it some overnight success scam, or “add this 6 figure source of income” hogwash.

I understand that the hypes out there are abounding and I personally loathe all that propaganda. So save yourself the headache by avoiding all of that too! You won’t find that here and I will appreciate everyone who keeps such material out of here as well.

Here’s what TIAAY is REALLY all about…

TIAAY is an illuminating journey that penetrates through and beyond the temporary jolt you get from mere motivation. It’s about a REALIZATION that in fact only about 3% of the population have. A realization that will not only last, but will also give you an advantage over everyone else! Not to mention, you won’t find all of this consolidated in any school.

Furthermore, this realization is about a phenomenal phenomenon that’s been going on for years, yet never perceived in such light and thereafter placed in deliberate practice. It’s a universe of powerful disclosures organized in a simple single format that has a keen focus on you and the manifestation of anything you propose. Oh and it’s also like a biological plant! You’ll see what I mean when you read the TIAAY books.

Whether you’re fighting through cancer, school or business, weight loss, music, sports or fitness, here’s where you commence your journey on achieving your endeavors. TIAAY’s FREE eBook Part I: The Seed will mark the start of your journey with TIAAY, followed by the eBook Part II: The Critters & Weeds. Meanwhile the blog articles here will provide you with more enlightenment on what you’re truly made of, and by that I mean literally too. And finally, I will make sure to keep you updated with the top Health, Fitness and Online Business tips that will not only empower you further, but will also give you an advantage over your competition.

You see, living your life even a little bit short of where you can actually be is still too much of a life to waste. Sometimes this can even be a matter of life-and-death! Therefore, I’m sure you can agree that whatever the content, whatever the tools or how many they are for that matter, if they help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be, it just might actually be a good idea to consider it.

And that’s what TIAAY is all about, closing that gap! To put it in short and pretty words, rest assured that what you learn here and APPLY will make you realize the true value in you, the real potential you have, and help you make anything you propose in life not only possible but inevitable. In even shorter and prettier words, this is all about you.

How to use TIAAY

Let’s cover briefly how to use this website now, and trust me it’s not rocket science. I wanted to keep it simple, not because I think some people are slow, but because I want to reach as many people who deserve to know this as possible. Besides, some of us may not be computer savvy, yet still deserve to acquire such a realization.

I mean, I’m sure you’re probably smarter with computer stuff than I am, and yet here I am doing this. So imagine what you can do? And that’s what TIAAY is all about, a realization about you and all the things you can do.

I’ve visited thousands of websites throughout my life and the majority of them were cluttered with random things everywhere. I didn’t even know where to begin most of the time! Then they’ll be sneaky trying to sell you stuff all over the place with things like popups and unwanted spam.

For real though, do we really need to be shoving a sale down people’s throats all the time? These things just made some sites seem complicated and sketchy to me. Therefore, I wanted to make sure TIAAY wasn’t built that way.

Of course, I have eBooks here, one of which is free, and you will also notice links to high-quality and relevant recommendations in some articles, some of which I may make a small commission from when someone makes a purchase. Yet, these are things I would recommend anyway, so why not make a little something from them yeah? However, I don’t want to be sneaky or forceful about it, which is why I’m telling you this in advance.

Nevertheless, I do appreciate your support so that I can continue creating content for you and find the best related products and services that will benefit you, not to mention some discounts for you. And that’s it! Now let’s explore the pages in TIAAY, starting with the Home page shall we.

  • Home Page: If you take a look on the upper right of the page, of course you’ll see the navigation menu as you can see in the picture above. It should now display Home, Books, listing the TIAAY books under it, followed by the Blog, with the Best Things For You under it, then Health, Fitness, Business, followed by About TIAAY, About You then About Me under that, and finally the Contact Me tab. In the middle of the slider you’ll notice the Scroll Down Or Click Here button.Below the slider you will see the four main categories: Health, Fitness, Online Business and You. Below the four categories you will notice an Email Form where you can access the TIAAY books for FREE. On the right side of the page you will find the sidebar with the TIAAY logo on top. Below this you will see another Email Form where you can access the TIAAY books for free as well. Below this Email Form is my Latest TIAAY Blog Articles, followed by the TIAAY books and Testimonials.
  • The Books: Speaking of people trying to sell you stuff all over the place… well of course we’ve all got to earn a living somehow, therefore TIAAY does sell valuable stuff, like books. In fact, the first TIAAY eBook is FREE when you subscribe, and you’ll probably laugh at the price of the next eBooks. Nevertheless, this is how TIAAY and I maintain ourselves, therefore your contributions will certainly be appreciated. By the way, the eBooks are actually what TIAAY is founded on, which are really all about you.
  • Blog: Every Friday there will be a new article posted here and of course, they’re all about you.
  • Best Things For You: Here you will find a list of the top products and services from the 6 most important areas in your life. They are The Best Foods For You, The Best Supplements For You, The Best Fitness For You, The Best Books For You, The Best Online Education For You and The Best Online Businesses For You. The purpose for these recommendations are to serve you as assets and aids in your endeavors. I will be searching the Internet for the best things that will not only empower you, that will not only help you achieve your goals, but will also give you an advantage over others.
  • Health: You will find great tips on how to improve and maintain your health here, as well as a significant, valuable surprise.
  • Fitness: You will find great tips on fitness to get you in great shape, as well as a significant, valuable surprise.
  • Online Business: You will find the steps to a successful online business, as well as a significant, valuable surprise.
  • About TIAAY: Self explanatory.
  • About You: Self explanatory, plus you’re awesome.
  • About Me: Self explanatory.
  • Contact Me: You can contact me here, or also self explanatory.

That’s all! Enjoy and stay tuned for updates and improvements.


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