16 Things Preventing You From Achieving What You Want… ↓


…And How To Overcome Them

Look, I know that picture above looks inspirational and all. Yet, let’s get real for a moment. I’m not just going to tickle your ears with motivational and inspirational stuff.

In fact, I’ve got to be brutally honest with you! Whether you’re fighting through cancer, school or business, weight loss, music, sports or fitness, you are NOT going to achieve anything. Unless you learn how to overcome 16 things you’re going to have to fight through first.

Hey, if Bill Gates, Beyoncé, Michael Jordan, Thomas Edison and many other great achievers had to go through them, you better believe that you will too. They are people just like you who simply battled through these challenges successfully to make it through. And now you’re about to find out how you can too!

They are 6 outer battles and 10 inner battles to be exact. Simply put, the struggle WILL be real! And it’s very likely that no one has ever warned you about these, much less revealed how you can defeat them. Yet, let me start by warning you what will certainly happen if you go on oblivious to these 16 battles you will face:

You will spend months, years or even decades finding these things out the hard and painful way.

There’s no guarantee that you will ever even realize what these battles are on your own, much less learn how to deal with them.

It’s going to be extremely difficult and painful trying to achieve what you want without finding out what these battles are and knowing how to defeat them.

You will likely go through all that struggle and pain in vain, without ever even achieving anything at all.

People who doubted you will rub how much they were right all over your face and leave you in embarrassment.

You will eventually lay on your deathbed regretting everything you never accomplished in life.

You think I’m joking about this? Sadly, this is what 97% of people go through in life. And if you want to continue on to be part of this statistic, be my guest. You are responsible for the decisions you make in life. Yet, the good news is that you can also decide not to have such an agonizing outcome. And that’s what this pretty green book here is for!

You see, we’ve had enough time and examples throughout history for us to be able to record patterns and have case studies on all kinds of things for our own benefit. Heck, there’s a whole science to just about anything! But I’m not going to bore you with all of that.

I’m just going to tell you that I’ve done the science on how only 3% of people have managed to overcome these great battles to achieve great things. I’ve organized it all and compressed it all in this book as a simple single format. A format with a keen focus on you and the manifestation of anything you propose in life!

As hyped as all of this sounds, it’s something you might want to take seriously. Because living your life even a little bit short of where you can actually be is still too much of a life to waste, let alone living a hopeless life in regret. Not to mention that this can actually be a life-and-death matter for some.

To put all of this in short and pretty words, rest assured that what you will discover in this book, provided you apply, will make anything you propose in life not only possible but inevitable. And very quickly too! In fact, let me share with you now what will certainly happen once you find out what these 16 battles are and how you can defeat them:

You will FINALLY get to achieve your goals which you’ve longed to manifest for so long.

You will be as happy, as joyous and as ecstatic as you’ve never been before, with a life filled with excitement.

You will prove everyone who doubted you wrong and wipe off that smirk from their faces.

You will have the ability to help those you love.

You will have a great story to tell.

You will leave a legacy behind.

This may all seem far-fetched now, yet I’m promising you that these amazing things WILL happen to you, and more, when you APPLY what you’ll find out in this book, Part II: The Critters & Weeds. Now, why is it called ‘The Critters & Weeds’? I will leave that for you to discover too.

For now, please understand that I understand the struggle and how frustrating it is to try to achieve something, yet feel like you’re getting nowhere. You’re not alone! But I also now understand that knowing how to overcome these 16 battles you’ll have to face is critical in order for you to achieve your goals.

Therefore, if you want to continue on painfully struggling to achieve what’s important to you and likely never even achieve it at all, then this book is not for you. But if you’re serious and really want to break through all the struggles successfully and finally achieve your goals, then this book is for you.

In this book, we will not only reveal what these 16 battles are, but also disclose how you can defeat them. In fact, we’re going to discuss how you can even turn some of these battles into fertilizers for the seed of your goals. In other words, you will also find out how you can use some of these battles to your advantage.

Finally, although I formatted this book to be simple and easy to understand, it doesn’t mean that a lot of hard work wasn’t put into it. It took years of research, books, courses, interviews, not to mention experiences, both mine and of well known great achievers. Like I said before, I’ve got the science down packed in this book.

Now, this is the part where I’m suppose to tell you that this book is worth about $997, but I was feeling generous so I priced it at only $97, yet I lowered the price for you to… OK, I’m done with the sales pitch propaganda! This book is really just $5.97 as you can see. That’s a fast food run for one! And although I will be increasing it’s price soon, what you see there now is all you need, to download it.

If the price of an unhealthy burger meal is too much for you to invest in your future and achieve what’s important to you, then you might as well forget about an exciting life filled with happiness. Just enjoy your immediate gratification through that burger, before the horrible feelings of guilt rush in immediately after.

You’re better off at least getting the FREE sample of this book by entering your email in the upper right of this page, or below this page if you’re on mobile. However, I’m not promising you that you will be able to come back to get the complete version of the book at this comically low price later.

Otherwise, get ready, because you’re about to find out what these 16 battles in the way of you and your goals are, which you’ve desperately needed to know all this time. You’re about to find out how incredible men and women overcame them, and how you can too, so that you can finally go on to be where you want to be. The button below is your gateway to your achieved goals and an amazing, breathtaking, incredible life. Enjoy!

The Critters & Weeds

The Outer And Inner Battles You Will Have To Face And How To Win




Here’s what people have said about this book


“I found your book very inspiring! The personal stories of the struggles famous people have faced along their journey is a wonderful reminder that we all have that potential within us. We just have to push through to develop our seeds while we tend to these weeds. Your book was a beautiful reminder that I too can achieve my own version of greatness.” ~ Eva Peralta (Creative Director & Graphic Designer)


“Having read ‘The Critters and Weeds’ on the outer and inner battles we all have to face and win, I identified and faced life’s battles to achieving my goals. This book unanimously helped me see myself through and against all the odds. I’m eager for the next book in the series ‘Plow & Sow’ .” ~ Brandon Mayfield (Sales Consultant)


“Without a doubt, a book that makes you realize once and for all what you are capable of. It’s not just another inspirational book, this will definitely make you take action. I strongly recommend it! Thank you for sharing this book with those of us who are actually trying to accomplish something in life.” ~ Dennis Oporta (Real Estate Agent)


The Critters & Weeds

The Outer And Inner Battles You Will Have To Face And How To Win





Q: Is it really just a one time purchase of $5.97?

A: Yes!

Q: How soon do I get the eBook?

A: Immediately after purchase.

Q: How do I get the eBook?

A: After you click the light blue buy button, a window will open where you can put in your payment details. After your purchase, a new window will open where you can download the eBook immediately, and I will also email it to you.

Q: Will the transaction be safe?

A: Yes! TIAAY has the SSL Certificate which provides secure, encrypted communications between a website and an Internet browser. If you notice the TIAAY URL above, it has the lock symbol which means it’s a secure website. The TIAAY URL also begins with ‘https’ which stands for ‘Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure’, unlike ‘http’ websites which are not secure. Furthermore, if you notice the ‘Comodo Secure’ seal next to the buy button, this means customer security has been made top priority by securely encrypting all transactions. Finally, your payment will be processed through ‘Stripe’ which is one of the safest most popular Online Payment Gateways. Feel free to google it.

Q: How soon will I see results with this eBook?

A: People see results as soon as they start applying what they learn. Therefore, the sooner you apply what you learn in this eBook, the sooner you will see results.

Q: Why does it say ‘Part II’ in the title of this eBook?

A: Because this eBook ‘The Critters & Weeds’ is part 2 to the first TIAAY eBook ‘The Seed’, which you can get for FREE in the forum at the top right of this page or bottom if you’re on mobile. Basically Part I ‘The Seed’ helps you identify the seed of your goals, Part II ‘The Critters & Weeds’ prepares you to overcome the challenges ahead, and Part III ‘Plow & Sow’ is coming soon. You can see all three eBooks pictured below at the bottom of this page.

Q: What’s the purpose of TIAAY?

A: TIAAY is an illuminating journey that penetrates through and beyond the temporary jolt you get from mere motivation and inspiration. It’s a realization about you and all the things you can do. TIAAY is where you come to discover not only the potential you have as a person, but also the value you have as a human being down to your biology. You can refer to the ‘About TIAAY’ page for more.


 You are responsible for the choices you make in life so choose wisely





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