If You Don’t Answer These 4 Questions…

You’re Basically Lost In Life… Seriously! 

Let’s be honest, without clarity on what you want to achieve in life, you might as well be lost in the middle of nowhere, with no GPS, no map, or even a compass. Plus there’s wild animals out there! Therefore, it’s critical that you mark your target destination, with clarity, and confidence, knowing precisely where you want to go. A goal!

Whether you’re fighting through cancer, school or business, weight loss, music, sports or fitness, TIAAY’s book Part 1: The Seed will help you answer the four important questions to get that clarity. This first step is paramount in order to reach your goals! You simply cannot achieve what you want in life without having such clarity, and you cannot have such clarity without answering these four important questions first. Your answers to these four questions will in effect be the seed to your goals!

So what does this ‘seed’ thing even mean? Well, if you think about it, cultivating your goals is like cultivating fruitful plants. Come on, I know you’ve heard an analogy like this before! Yet, you’ve likely never discovered a source where this analogy is broken down and explained clearly.

OK but why is this plant analogy and these four questions so important? They’re not! They’re actually vital! Yes, I’ll go as far as to say that it’s vital for you to understand and answer these four questions in order for you to manifest whatever you’re endeavoring to achieve in life.

You see, you wouldn’t plow and sow an apple seed if what you wanted to cultivate was an orange tree. Likewise, you must plow and sow the correct seed of what you want to achieve in life. Unfortunately however, 97% of people subconsciously plow and sow the wrong seeds throughout their life, opposite to what they actually want. Needless to say, this has only resulted in severe disappointments and even devastation.

That is why it’s vital that you first identify the seed of your goals before you even think about plowing and sowing them, let alone reaping the delicious fruits of your efforts. First things first! After all, cultivating your goals requires crucial steps you need to take, much like cultivating that orange tree. So you must start with that first step, acquiring the right seed of your goals, which you can only do by answering these four questions.

“Alright already, what are these four questions?” Let me answer your question with four questions found in this book. You’re about to find out what these 4 questions are in 3… 2… 1…

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“I found your book very inspiring! The personal stories of the struggles famous people have faced along their journey is a wonderful reminder that we all have that potential within us. We just have to push through to develop our seeds while we tend to these weeds. Your book was a beautiful reminder that I too can achieve my own version of greatness.” ~ Eva Peralta (Creative Director & Graphic Designer)


“Having read ‘The Critters and Weeds’ on the outer and inner battles we all have to face and win, I identified and faced life’s battles to achieving my goals. This book unanimously helped me see myself through and against all the odds. I’m eager for the next book in the series ‘Plow & Sow’ .” ~ Brandon Mayfield (Sales Consultant)


“The knowledge in this book, and the passion behind it all has the ability to change your life! Part 2: The Critters & Weeds reassured me I’m on the right path by discussing the obstacles I’ve already overcome, and relating to the battles I’m facing present day. Your potential really is as great as you allow it to be, and this book affirms that, as long as you’re willing to face your own critters & weeds.” ~ Jesse Sarro (Fitness Coach)


“Without a doubt, a book that makes you realize once and for all what you are capable of. It’s not just another inspirational book, this will definitely make you take action. I strongly recommend it! Thank you for sharing this book with those of us who are actually trying to accomplish something in life.” ~ Dennis Oporta (Real Estate Agent)

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