The 2 Critical Parts Of Your Brain You Must Know And Why

Your BRAIN, such an incredible, magnificent, state of the art, super advanced, powerful computer, of which there is nothing like in the universe. Yet how the heck does it work? And why should you even care? A better question might be; How can you truly use your brain to your advantage? That one sounded more interesting right, unless you took it as an insult.

In all sort of seriousness, I’m not saying that you don’t use your brain. What I’m saying is that you’re about to find out how some of the gizmos in there work, as well as how to enhance them so that you can make better use of your brain and achieve whatever you want in life. 

But don’t worry, this won’t be a boring and complicated textbook-like article only Doctorate degree holders will understand. I’m not here to impress you with big words and long explanations! So I’m going to try to keep it simple, sweet and short. Well, expect for all of this explaining I’m doing right now, but that’s only because this is the beginning of this series of articles.

Oh and in consideration of the squeamish, there won’t be any gory pictures or bloody brains for that matter, no pun intended. I can only imagine how disturbing it would be for some people if there were real pictures of brain matter, blood gushing, veins, guts, flesh hanging and… OK I’ll stop. Plus there’s no guts in your brain, Captain Obvious told me so.

Anyway, it’s important for you to understand how that three pound mass between your ears works, so that you can leverage its power and reach your highest potential possible. Not to mention that simply having this knowledge about your brain will help you exceed far beyond others that don’t have the slightest clue of how their brain works.


The purpose of this is for you to go beyond the usual motivational script and literally know what you’re made of so that you can realize how incredibly engineered you are, how valuable you are, and how much potential you actually do have. With that said, feel free to skip all of the following if you want, and just go to the next subtitle where we actually start talking about your brain. Otherwise, hang in there.

Now, please note that when you see an underlined word within the contents of a paragraph, it means that there will be another paragraph or subparagraph discussing it in more details, either later in this article or in a later article affiliated to this one. Once you’ve passed such paragraph or subparagraph, the word will no long be underlined, yet its first letter will remain in Caps. And of course, the blue words are relevantly clickable, which you can access, yet I’m sure you already knew this. Except for this last random one though!

You see, some subjects in TIAAY may be broken down into different articles, especially when it’s about such an important subject as your brain. Therefore, there will be articles posted in a particular order when they correlate with each other, such as this one. This article for example is about the two critical parts of your brain, while the next article will be about the three parts of your brain we need to reveal to dissect your brain a little more.

Furthermore, I understand that you might want to know how all of this stuff is going to benefit you in life. Therefore, there will be tips for you throughout the articles literally titled TIAAY TIP, which will be relevant to the subject being discussed. These will include how you can use the subject at hand to help you achieve your goals, and even tips on how to enhance the part of your body being discussed, so you might want to check these out too. Just don’t get any dirty thoughts!

You’ll gradually begin to realize that you already have everything you need to achieve whatever you want, and that all you really needed was a realization with a little help on how to use what you have. In essence, you will be inspired by your own self instead of needing a constant push from outside sources. Thus we begin with your brain, the most important part of you, and by dividing it into two. So enough with all of this intro stuff and let’s get to that brain of yours.

The 2 Critical Parts Of Your Brain You Must Know & Why (seriously this time)

Let’s begin with what you picture as your brain yes. So let me ask you, is this what you think your brain looks like?

how to unlock parts of your brain

OK maybe this is a cartoonish version of your brain, yet if you said yes, you are partially correct. This is just what part of your brain looks like! You see, your brain is actually a lot more than the folded up lump most of us imagine in our heads. And it’s not made up of muscles, guts, bones or just fat mass for that matter. Get it? As a matter of fact… alright I’m done with all this ‘matter’ nonsense, it’s not what matters here anyway. Ha!

Anyway, your brain is really more like a yarn ball of wire like nerve cells called Neurons, which we’ll talk more about in a later article. As for the diagram above, that’s actually the part of your brain called the Cerebrum. And if you want to get all technical, it’s really just displaying the outer layer of your Cerebrum called the Cerebral Cortex. We’ll discuss these in more details on a later article as well. Again, just remember what it means when you see these underlined words.

You see, your brain can actually be divided into many different ways depending on how you’re looking at it, which understandably can be rather confusing. And each section contains different parts that do different things in your body and in your life. But don’t worry, we’re going to break your brain down one step at a time in the different ways it can be broken, and I promise you it won’t be as painful as that sounded. So let’s begin with dividing your brain in two.

The first and obvious way your brain can be divided is into two sections called the Left Hemisphere and the Right Hemisphere. These are separated by a line in the middle called the Longitudinal Fissure. And if you couldn’t pronounce that properly, don’t worry you’re not alone. Yet both sides are linked by neural nerves called Corpus Callosum, which are basically nerve fibers that interchange signals between the left and right side of your brain.

how to access more parts of your brain

The Left Hemisphere: This is the left side of your brain that actually controls the right side of your body and it’s believed to be associated with logic. You can think of the letter ‘L’ for Left and Logic.

The Right Hemisphere: This is the right side of your brain that controls the left side of your body and it’s believed to be associated with creativity.

You see how easy that was! Granted, we just divided your brain into two parts so there will be more to talk about the more we divide it. Yet, now you have an example of the articles to come. And now that you have this little bit of information regarding the two parts of your brain, let’s see how this stuff can help you.


Keeping in mind the two ways your brain is divided and their functions, try using your left hand more often for things you normally do with your right hand, or vice versa. This will help your brain become more creative, improve your memory, and actually make you smarter by strengthening your neural connections, as well as grow new Neurons. In addition to this, this will increase your Corpus Colosseum in size, which means a stronger bond between your left brain and your right brain.

For example, you can start by using your less dominant hand to brush your teeth, use your computer mouse, use the remote, open doors, put lipstick on or chopstick, text, eat etc. Then you can try something more advanced such as writing with it. You may consciously have to effort yourself to use your less dominant hand, yet in time you will find yourself using it subconsciously as your brain becomes more skilled at it.

critical parts of your brain

If you think about it, your brain improves as you learn new skills, so when you use your less dominant hand more often, you’re basically exercising your brain in areas that haven’t been stimulated, and therefore teaching it in new skills. This way you also make use of both your logic and creative side of your brain when using both hands.

In essence, becoming ambidextrous seems to make your brain stronger because you’re exercising both the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. You want to work out both sides of your brain kind of like you would want to work out both arms to get them firm biceps, because just being pretty isn’t going to cut it. You need brains too!


Ever wondered why the best ideas usually come while you’re in the shower, especially after a long day? If you haven’t, it’s not my fault, also that you haven’t come up with any good ideas. Well studies have shown that creative work seems to manifest and be more effective when you are the most tired and finally get to relax, such as when you come home from work and take a nice bath or shower.

So your bath or shower may not necessarily deserve all the credit! Your brain happens to get more creative when you’ve made the transition from a busy day to a chill mode. However, when it comes to problem solving or decision making work, do it at your personal peak hours, when you feel the most capable and energetic.


Last but most definitely not least, and trust me when I say this, are effective brain supplements. That’s right! Listen, our brain has a lot more capacity and potential than what we use it for. In fact, there are forces, which we’ll talk about in later articles, that are limiting you from using your full brain’s potential. Yet there are also brain supplements, including natural ones, that can unlock some of these limits that have been placed in your brain, or at the very least enhance your brain performance.

For example, in addition to other benefits, B Vitamins which are typically manufactured by plants have shown to improve memory, problem-solving and even sentence formation. Huperzine A which is also used for Alzheimer’s disease, can significantly improve memory and learning, as well as alertness and energy. L-theanine is an amino acid found in tea leaves that has been known to boost mental focus. Finally, DMAE is a compound that can improve your mood, enhance your memory and overall boost your brain function. Yet, it’s also known to reduce your wrinkles so there’s a nice bonus.

All of the previous supplements have other benefits too, yet we’re focusing on their cognitive benefits. And although you can get all of them separate if you’d like, there are other more advanced brain supplements that include all of these and more, which are focused on enhancing your cognitive abilities. Neuro Health prides itself in using the best ingredients when it comes to brain boosting nootropics, such as for focus and memory.

I would also recommend Genius Consciousness which also contains natural compounds such as Alpha GPC, as well as Lions Mane Mushroom. In fact, there are several cognitive enhancing nootropics I would recommend, such as Brain Booster, Neuro-Peak and Alpha Brain. Yet, of course, it might be a good idea to consult with a doctor before taking any of them, especially if you have any allergies. I’ve used these myself which totally helped me improve my dumb brain and gave me no issues. So I’m sure it’ll help you with a smarter brain!


Well, that’s it for now. That wasn’t so bad was it? Still, there’s obviously a lot more to your brain than this… A LOT MORE! The brain is so complex we need to break it down into a few different articles as we mentioned earlier. In fact, I don’t mean to scare you but we would actually need like thousands of books to cover all the nuts and bolts in your brain.

I mean come on, at some point in life you’ve got to realize that you’ve got the most advance and most powerful computer ever created, so no wonder it’s so complex. Yet this just means that your brain has the potential for achieving extraordinary things for you. You’ve just got to learn how to use it and appreciate it.

understanding how the human brain works

Therefore, in the next article we’re going to consider the three ways your brain can be divided so that we can dig deeper into other parts of your brain and see how they work. And of course, we’ll also reveal more TIAAY TIPS that will enlighten you, enhance you, and reveal to you the many ways all of this “doctor” stuff will benefit you. Alright, I finished talking now so see you on the next post. 

A Review

  • What you imagine as your brain is actually just the Cerebrum.
  • Your brain is divided into two sections called the Left Hemisphere and the Right Hemisphere.
  • Use your less dominant hand more often, and consider the cognitive enhancing nootropics mentioned here to boost your brain performance.
  • We’re going to divide your brain into three parts on the next article.
  • As a reminder, although I make sure to recommend the most effective, trustworthy and high-quality supplements, it still may be a good idea to consult with a doctor before taking anything, especially if you have allergies.

Did You Know?

There are studies showing that when you use your dominant hand, only one hemisphere of your brain lights up in activity, yet when you use your non-dominant hand, both of your brain hemispheres are lit in activity. Literally a lit fact!

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