Top 5 Fitness Tips To Get You In Great Shape

OK, Here Are The Top 5 Fitness Tips To Get You In Great Shape In 2022

1. Set a clear fitness goal:

As simple as this may sound, many people underestimate how important this is, and overlook it consciously or subconsciously. Yet, without having a specific, clear goal, you’ve got little to nothing to work towards. It’s like being lost with no GPS or a compass.

Therefore you need a target! Yet here are some ways to get clarity on your fitness goal:

  • Write down exactly what your fitness goal is and be specific on what you want to look like.
  • Write down WHY you want to reach this fitness goal. Be honest and explore the emotions behind this.
  • Use pictures or images to help you visualize what you want to look like.
  • Once you get clarity on your fitness goal, learn what you need to do to achieve it, get started and commit.

For an ultimate guide to achieving such clarity, download the FREE TIAAY book The Seed. You will find that this will not only give you a clear fitness goal to grind towards, but it will also keep you driven until you achieve it.

2. Exercise the right way:

You might have heard or even seen videos on how silly some people look working out the wrong way. Well, don’t let that be you!

Not only because you might look funny doing it wrong and maybe even go viral humiliated, but more importantly, you’re going to get little to no results working out the wrong or least effective way.

5 fitness tips

Therefore, it’s important that you learn how to exercise the right way in accordance to what you’re trying to achieve.

For example, if you want to burn fat and build muscles simultaneously, you wouldn’t just jog while curling some dumbbells, when you can do workouts like battling ropes which can in fact provide you with a full body workout.

If you’re trying to get a six pack, some appropriate workouts are not just the usual sit ups, but also workouts like dead bug, dumbbell side bend, bird dog and hardstyle plank.

If you’re trying to grow your chest right, some appropriate workouts are not just push ups, but also decline press up, incline barbell bench press, close grip barbell bench press and dumbbell squeeze press.

If you’re trying to grow your arms right, some appropriate workouts are not just the usual concentration curl, but also barbell curl, cable curl, triceps kickback and chin ups.

Whether it’s biceps, triceps, chest, abs, buttocks, weight-loss, etc. there are many wrong ways, many mediocre ways, as well as the few right and effective ways for each one of these.

Which one you choose is totally up to you, just remember that you’re responsible for your outcome.

3. Exercise the right amount:

Of course, you don’t want to workout too little that you barely move or grow a muscle. Yet, you also don’t want to overdue it and burn yourself out either. In fact, this can be dangerous!

As a general rule, exercising about 30 minutes everyday, or 1 hour, two to three times a week, seems to work well for many. This includes stretching before, in between and or after working out.

Creating a workout schedule for yourself will help you keep all of this in check. You just have to make sure to develop and maintain self discipline.

4. Consume the right foods and supplements:

Working out would be pointless without the proper fuel. In fact, not only are there appropriate foods to maintain good health and fitness, but there’s also appropriate amounts to consider, as well as when to consume them.

For example if you’re trying to gain muscle mass, of course, foods rich in protein such as eggs and salmon would be a healthy choice.

Yet, you will also need to adjust your calorie intake according to your bulking and cutting phase. And if you’re trying to lose weight, you might want to avoid foods such as chips and fries, baked desserts, candy bars, sugary drinks, basically processed foods saturated in sugar, calories and fats.

Although, I do know a way you can lose weight and be healthy without giving up your favorite foods. You won’t even have to starve yourself like some people think they have to.

Now as far as supplements go, it’s always a good idea to do some research and look up what’s currently working well. Although I have found that supplements like Resurge work great for weight loss, while supplements like Whey Protein Powder work great for muscle gain.

5. Exercise with the right equipment:

top 5 fitness tips

Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of hype out there! So be careful buying into unnecessary and expensive “fitness” equipment.

You don’t need as much as some marketing companies like to make you believe you need in order to get fit. And you certainly don’t need to pay as much as some might like you to pay for what you do need.

For example, if you want to lose weight, here are some of the main equipment you simply need:

  • Smart Scale: Smart scales such as the FITINDEX scale have everything you need to track and analyze your body fat, your progress, they’re the most accurate, and they’re actually recommended by coaches and athletes.
  • Tape Measure: That’s right, as simple as that may sound, tape measure is important if you want to track your precise waist line measurements, which can also serve as motivation. Not to mention, our mind can place tricks on us with the ‘before and after’ since weight-loss is a gradual transformation. Hey if clothe tailors need it to get your exact measurements, why shouldn’t you use it to track your progress too?
  • The Right Exercise Equipment: As for the actual weight-loss equipment you need to lose weight, believe it or not, some of the most effective equipment are jump ropes, kettlebells and treadmills. Jump ropes are good for burning calories, on top of being good for heart health, speed and agility. Kettlebells are great for burning fat and a good cardio alternative. And treadmills are perfect for a safer way to jog or to jog indoors when the weather is not cooperating outside. Jogging of course is great for cardio, heart health and overall weight-loss.

Here’s another example, if you want to grow your biceps, check out these top five workouts and the main equipment you simply need:

  • Standing Barbell Curl: To do this correctly you need a barbell of course. Once you got that, stand up straight, with your feet together, chest up and your arms fully extended. Facing forward, hold the barbell tight with an underhand grip, and elbows tucked on your side. Then slowly curl the bar up and down. By the way, the bar shouldn’t be touching your body.
  • Concentration Curl: This is one of the most common workouts for biceps. Of course you’ll need a dumbbell, although kettle bells work too. Now, just sit on a flat bench, with your legs spread, feet flat and your knees bent. Then extend the arm you’re using downward, yet slightly bent, and place the elbow of that arm around the inside part of that same side thigh, not on your knee. Holding the dumbbell tight with an underhand grip, lift the dumbbell up slowly towards your chest and shoulder area, hold it for one sec, then bring it back down slowly. Make sure your elbow doesn’t lock when you bring it back down. That’s one rep, so do as many reps as you find necessary.
  • EZ Bar Preacher Curl: For this you’ll need an EZ bar and preacher bench. All you have to do is sit on the preacher bench correctly, with your feet flat on the ground. Your chest and upper arms should be on the arm pad, and your chin tucked. Then extend your arms with your elbows slightly bent, holding the EZ bar with an underhand grip. Finally start the rep by lifting the EZ bar towards your shoulder, tightening up your biceps, and then slowly bring the EZ bar back down to the starting position.
  • Standing Cable Curl: For this workout you need an exercising cable or cable & pulley machine. Now, to do this workout you have to stand up straight, holding the cable grip with your palms facing up, assuming the cable is attached somewhere below towards the floor, then move your forearms up towards your chest, and slowly back down. Just repeat as needed.
  • Incline Dumbbell Curl: Being that this workout is a little more advance than a regular bicep curl workout, you’ll need a bench you can adjust in an incline position at about a 45 degree angle and two dumbbells. To do this workout, sit down with your back pressed against the bench and your feet flat on the ground. Now, with a dumbbell on the left and right of you, hang your arms down gripping each dumbbell with your palms up. Then slowly curl both dumbbells up at the same time, and then slowly back down. Remember to move only your lower arms and keep your upper arms tight.

Now, there are many different sources where you can get your fitness equipment, but only a few are actual good sources. For example Power Systems and Total Gym are two of the best places to order great quality fitness equipment and even workout guides at an affordable price. Sometimes even half the price of other sources!

Yet, I’ve got one more thing for you, as Steve Jobs would say.


Now, you can try to figure out the right ways of working out for yourself and that’s fine. Yet, there are people who are literally professionals at showing you how to workout the right way, and that’s fitness trainers.

Just in case you didn’t know, there’s a significant spike in improvement and achievement with people that get a fitness trainer versus those that don’t. The problem is finding fitness trainers that are legit and cost friendly.

That’s why sources like Find Your Trainer (FYT) exist! Whether you use FYT or find a fitness trainer that works great for you elsewhere, I highly recommend you hire one for not just real results but significant results. You will be glad you did!

However, even if you don’t end up getting a fitness trainer, when you enter your email above or below, I will be sending you the latest fitness tips and strategies, including the best workouts with the equipment I listed earlier.

OK, that’s all I’ve got for now. The only thing I ask is that you share this with others to help them too. Enjoy!


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