How To Achieve What You Truly Want

A Man Walks Into A Seminar…

Don’t be a joke or become a meme for that matter! Motivation is overrated and temporary 

Seriously, what happens after you get a boost of motivation? Whether you get motivated at a seminar, a motivational book or a motivational video, how long does that last?

Now I’m not against seminars, or motivation for that matter. Yet, how many times must you get all pumped up for a moment to have it all fade away shortly thereafter?

A few “just do it” words just might not do it for you. So what if what you really needed was not just mere motivation, or even inspiration, but a REALIZATION that in fact only about 3% of the population have? A realization that will not only last, but also give you an advantage over everyone else!

Whether you’re fighting through cancer, school or business, weight loss, music, sports or fitness, TIAAY’s book Part I: The Seed will commence your journey towards achieving your goals through this realization. And it all starts with four questions you must ask yourself first!

Yet let me be honest with you, answering these four questions will not automatically manifest your goals. It’ll vividly clarify the road you need to take, but you’ll still have to face the 16 notorious things that prevents 97% of people from ever achieving their goals. If you go on unaware of these 16 things and without knowing how to overcome them, you might as well quit now.

Yet don’t worry, that’s what TIAAY’s book Part II: The Critters & Weeds is for, which you can find below, along with Part III: Plow & Sow. Basically, Part I helps you identify the seed of your goals and get clarity, Part II prepares you to overcome these 16 challenges referred here as the critters & weeds, and Part III will help you reap what you sow, in other words it will help you program yourself to reach your goals.

Four questions plus sixteen battles makes that 20 things in the way of you and your goals. Yet, that can end today! Now, I’m not going to do that thing where I tell you the books are $1,000 but you can get them today for only… well I guess I’m kind of doing that. Anyway, the first book is just $1.97 for now, the second book is only $5.97 for now, and the third book is coming soon.

However, if you don’t want to pay for them you can subscribe below to download the first book and a sample of the second book for FREE. You’ll also be one of the first in line for the third book. And as a bonus, I will be revealing exclusive tips, guides and secrets to you that will further help you with your goals. Enjoy!

Part I: The Seed $1.97

Part II: The Critters & Weeds $5.97

“I found your book very inspiring! The personal stories of the struggles famous people have faced along their journey is a wonderful reminder that we all have that potential within us. We just have to push through to develop our seeds while we tend to these weeds. Your book was a beautiful reminder that I too can achieve my own version of greatness.” ~ Eva Peralta (Creative Director & Graphic Designer)


“Having read ‘The Critters and Weeds’ on the outer and inner battles we all have to face and win, I identified and faced life’s battles to achieving my goals. This book unanimously helped me see myself through and against all the odds. I’m eager for the next book in the series ‘Plow & Sow’ .” ~ Brandon Mayfield (Sales Consultant)


“The knowledge in this book, and the passion behind it all has the ability to change your life! Part 2: The Critters & Weeds reassured me I’m on the right path by discussing the obstacles I’ve already overcome, and relating to the battles I’m facing present day. Your potential really is as great as you allow it to be, and this book affirms that, as long as you’re willing to face your own critters & weeds.” ~ Jesse Sarro (Fitness Coach)


“Without a doubt, a book that makes you realize once and for all what you are capable of. It’s not just another inspirational book, this will definitely make you take action. I strongly recommend it! Thank you for sharing this book with those of us who are actually trying to accomplish something in life.” ~ Dennis Oporta (Real Estate Agent)

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