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This Is All About You!

Yes! Welcome to the very first TIAAY blog article created just for you. In fact this is something completely new, especially to you, not to mention it’s all about you. So out with the old and in with the new, and if you keep up with these articles, a new you too. Alright, now that the pitch is done, let’s get serious shall we.

In case you haven’t found out, TIAAY stands for This Is All About You and I’m going to make sure I stay true to that. Therefore, I’m going to reveal the amazing things that compose both the human and the person that you are. Such realizations about you are essential because simply getting motivated isn’t enough of a push, or lasting enough to maintain your drive.

To illustrate, the device you’re using right now will only do whatever it is driven to do, whenever it’s buttons are pushed, and without ever realizing what’s in its own computer drive. Yet, imagine how much it would thrive if it realized through some kind of AI what it’s truly made of… both hardware and software. Imagine what it could do if it knew what it could do! I mean, I’m sure you’ve seen Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

In essence, my goal is for you to have a realization of your magnificent body, your incredible potential, your value and even of the possibilities that surround you. The more you realize this, the closer you will get from where you are to where you want to be. Furthermore, this is something that is meant to stay with you, not merely give you a temporary drive. So without further ado, YOU.

The Incredible You! The Super You! The Wonderful You!

Think about this, as far as we know, or as far as the government might want to disclose, you belong to the most intelligent life form known in the universe. And even if there is other life out there, it’s very likely that they are not like you. Furthermore, you as an individual are unique among all other humans. You can explore the whole Earth and the International Space Station if you want, and I guarantee you that you will never find anyone exactly like you.

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For example, what if I asked you about your personal qualities? Like, what are your abilities, skills and talents? What are you good at? What knowledge or information do you hold within you that others don’t? What work have you contributed on our planet, no matter how much you’ve got paid?

What have you already accomplished in life, no matter how small? And what ideas have you come up with, whether or not you’ve manifested them all? Seriously, meditate on it all for a moment. That’s all been you!

As far as you can see, you’re already an incredible and unique individual. Yet you’re still more than meets the eye, in fact you’re more than meets your own eyes. Look, speaking of your eyes, have you ever stop to think about how incredibly designed your eyes are?

What about your hands that can grab you anything, tell me, what animal or even robot has such effective tools? Then you’ve got feet that can take you anywhere, meanwhile your car can easily get stuck in just two feet of water. If any of these are missing, you’ve still got a computer between your ears that is so advanced, it cannot be replicated.

I mean, look at how popular Stephen Hawking became simply because of his brain. You also have a heart that’s so electrifying, nothing on this planet could exert such life and energy. And what about that mouth piece of yours that is so powerful it can actually help you conquer lands, as well as hearts. Your tongue, just in case, I was referring to your tongue.

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In addition to all of this, come on, you know you’re good looking. Just because some people may not say it, doesn’t mean that they don’t see it. And even if a few people don’t think you are, their opinions don’t really determine that.

Moreover, this certainly doesn’t mean there aren’t other people out there that think you’re good looking. What is it now almost eight billion people? Trust me, you definitely look good to some people out there.

Listen, you are the one and only with your personality, your knowledge, your abilities, your looks and your qualities all combined in one package. There’s just no one else out there put together the way you are. So keep this in mind, nobody is you and that my friend is your power! Still, there are countless more awesome things about you that you haven’t even discovered yet.

Just imagine how much more you could achieve if only you knew what you’re actually able to do. Imagine how much more you could be! Imagine how better your life would be! Once you get a realization of these things not even the sky’s the limit. I mean, we’ve gone to space yeah?

Therefore, in the articles ahead we’ll be diving deeper into the marvelous things about you. You’re going to discover the amazing functions of your brain, your body, and overall the value and potential you have. Simply put, we’re going to talk about you and all the things you can do. However, it might be a good idea to begin with the misconceptions about you, that may have already been setting you back in life.

Ergo, on the next article we’re going to reveal five lies you’ve grown up to believe about yourself, that have only sabotaged and limited your true self. So stay tuned for the next blog article next Friday. Yet, if you’re in the future, then it’s already posted, so go check it out! Then kick back, relax with your favorite snacks and enjoy your read. See you there!

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