This Is Happening To You And You Don’t Even Know It

A baby elephant is tied to a small wooden peg to keep it from escaping. As it grows it becomes strong enough to break free, yet still believes it’s unable to escape. The poor elephant simply had no idea what was happening, or what it’s actually able to do.

A frog is placed in a pan filled with cool water. Then the water is slowly heated to a boiling point as the oblivious frog slowly boils to death. The frog had no idea what was happening either and it was literally helpless all the way to its death. I’m sorry!

Youare we being brainwashed may have heard these little stories at some point in your life. Yet, if you have, have you ever thought about what they actually mean? More importantly, have you thought about how they might apply to you? And what exactly has been happening to you that you’ve been unware of?

In this beautiful planet you like to call home, you’re blessed to be the dominant species. And that’s the good news! However, unlike animals, who already seem to be programmed in nature, to do their instinctual things in life, you don’t have such instincts programmed in you. Instead, you can easily be programmed by your very own fellow dominant human kind.

In fact, it’s not far-fetched to say that you likely have already been programmed. You see, the minute you’re born your senses explore the world you’ve come out to, and as you grow, your senses try to make sense of the things you encounter in life. That’s why your parents or guardians are there to help you understand things and make better sense of them. They’ll try to guide you in what they believe is the best life you can have.

Needless to say, the most influential people in the earlier stages of your life are those who raise you. Though understandably and to no fault of their own, how parents and guardians raise their children may not always be the best for them. You see, what they raise their kids with are understandings that they have, based on what they were influenced with by their parents, and others, throughout their life.

Not to mention, it’s safe to say that those that raised you lived in different eras than you. So whether it’s opinions, morals, beliefs, philosophies, concepts, traditions, habits, culture or personality (I know, quite a mouth full), they have all been programmed into your parents throughout their life. Then they passed them on to you as they raised you up.

am i being brainwashed

Yet, before you go on getting rebellious with mom and dad, note that not all of these things are necessarily bad or all their fault. Besides, we need our parents and have so much to appreciate them for. They loved us, fed us, protected us and raised us the best way they could.

Therefore, our parents deserve our love and respect! The point is that there is at least one thing in particular that most well-meaning parents cripple their children with. Like the elephant that grows up to believe that it still can’t break free from the wooden peg, most people are raised up to believe that they don’t have the potential to manifest amazing things in life.

Understandably, some parents simply may fear that some things are far-fetched or even dangerous for their children to attempt. It may also be that since they didn’t accomplish certain things in life, they think their children might not be able to either. It can even be due to how they define a normal or successful life for their children, or in this case you.

It doesn’t stop there though! Of course, and I might add, hopefully, those that raised you out of love and good intention, are the least of your worries. Later in life you continue on to be bombarded with limiting beliefs from outside sources just like your parents were. And so the vicious cycle continues!

Still, the more oblivious you remain regarding this, the more conditioned you’ll become, and the more crippling life becomes for you. Which is why it’s crucial that we reveal the four main sources at the root of what’s been programming you throughout your life. You simply can’t escape the fact that the following has been happening to you without you even knowing it.

1. Society: Society as a whole has its own belief on what’s normal, good and possible. And regardless how crazy an idea may sound, society’s influence is so effective it can literally make people jump off cliffs. I know I have!

This is because humans are social creatures that have the tendency to follow the crowds. It’s even believed to be a survival instinct as it was usually safer to stick with the herd in more primitive times. Today however, the herds are being driven in a matter where they’re exploited to benefit the few, while programmed to believe this is normal.

Have you ever heard of the elevator experiment, where a group of people would all face the opposite side of the elevator door to see if the next person that entered did the same thing? Well, most people that enter usually do it too, even if it doesn’t make sense to them. This is due to something called the Asch Paradigm.

The Asch Paradigm happens when a person’s own opinions, reasoning and actions are influenced by the majority of the group. And most people fall victim to this! Yet, being aware of this can help you avoid falling for society’s gimmicks, as well as other things like the status quo, peer pressure, and trends; especially when it’s something that’s not in favor of or relevant to your goals.

2. The media: Unsurprisingly, the media also influences us on how we believe things should or shouldn’t be. It’s usually the determiner of what’s right & wrong, beautiful & ugly, normal & abnormal, fact & fiction or possible & impossible. Although some of the information it provides may be sound, often times it can be formatted in a way that keeps people hooked and thereby monetize from them.

Whether it’s on the Internet, Television, Radio, Newspapers or Magazines, they’re all designed to attract people’s attention and keep them following to keep the money flowing. In fact, there might even be powerful rich men that maneuver the media to maneuver the people for their selfish benefit. Seriously, does that sound far-fetched at all?

Whatever the case, the media seems to be slowly becoming our instructor as to how we should live our lives. The way I see it though, time will tell, especially when time is partnered with some thorough research, actions and results. Therefore, take control of your use of the media before the media takes control of you.

3. Corporations: Then there are corporations which through their cunning or seldom honest approach, program you to believe what you want or need. It’s all about money when it comes to corporations, so they will do whatever it takes to keep you buying; even if it means programming you. Yet, they may not simply use things like sales tactic or persuasion. In fact, there’s a lot more to it then just flashing their products & services on commercials or colorful billboards for you to notice them.

You see, corporations know a lot about how your brain works, therefore, they know to use things like affirmations, visualizations and repetition to influence your decisions subconsciously. For example, a product can be displayed in front of you multiple times despite you being reluctant to buy it consciously, and even to the point of irritating you. Yet, the repeated visual of the product can sink into your subconscious mind enough where you might eventually purchase the product automatically and without even realizing the programming that took place.

In essence, what corporations are aiming for is not so much your conscious mind but your subconscious mind, because this is what’s programmable. A way to counteract this though is by remembering these C’s: Be Conscious that you’re being Conditioned; don’t let yourself be Conditioned to merely be a Consumer; and instead Condition yourself to be a Creator. Yeah, I got to find an easier way to format that!

4. The Government: Finally, there are speculations and conspiracies on how the government is trying to control people by discreetly programming them to believe how small, weak and limited they supposedly are. Whether or not you want to believe this is totally up to you. Yet, it wouldn’t be surprising to know that the government can be corrupt and has the power to control many people. Not to mention, the government can very well be in control of everything we’ve mentioned thus far.

What all of this means for you is that you’re ultimately being controlled by the government one way or another, and for their own agenda. Have you ever wondered who controls the government though? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not the president. We’ll disclose this in later articles!

For now, you can continue on letting these things govern your life if you want, yet you now have a basic understanding on what’s been programming you. However, whether you’re now realizing you didn’t have as much control as you thought you had, or are just getting the harsh reminder, I’m happy to tell you that this doesn’t have to continue to be your reality. You actually CAN prevent all of this! In fact, you can hack your mind instead of letting others hack your mind.

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Like the oblivious frog we mentioned earlier who was slowly boiling to death, you will slowly be programmed into a deadened life if you remain oblivious to this fact. But when you become aware of what’s been conditioning you, you have the knowledge you need to help you prevent this from continuing to happen.

This then brings us to these obvious questions: How can you deprogram yourself from it all? And how can you program yourself to become and achieve the things you actually want? Well, I’ll see you on the next article to find out.

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