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Fountain Pen

Imagine If You Couldn’t Fail

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

That whatever you aimed for you simply prevailed

Regardless the size regardless the scale

No matter the road no matter the trail

Whether a goal so big it rivals a whale

Or a process so slow it resembles a snail

Whether you’re male or whether you’re female

Whether you told us or never did tell

Imagine you believed it and then achieved it

Then you would manifest your own fairy tale.

~ Andre Dominguez

Stand Your Ground

Don’t let society determine everything you do

You don’t have to follow the crowd

You can stand alone and be proud

Don’t believe everything the media says that is true

They can be enticing and loud

Yet with their heads in the clouds

Don’t buy into everything that corporations sell you

You don’t need all those gowns

They’ll keep your account in the ground

Don’t let the government control everything about you

They’ll try to keep you all cowed

So stay bravely unbowed.

~ Andre Dominguez

How Do You See People? 

Are you conscious of the trials people go through? 

Or do you write them off as insane and at blame? 

Do you see your own flaws that need to improve? 

Or do you focus on others flaws to put at shame?

Do you seek out the good in every person you meet?

Or do you boast about things you do in the street?

Do you see people with an understanding light?

Or do you see people with a scrutinizing sight? 

Which one of these do you think is right? 

~ Andre Dominguez

You are Incredible

You who are radiantly alive

And what a precious life you are

You who are magnificently designed

You’re incredibly unique with so much potential

You’re an incredible dime with so many credentials

You are incredibly radiant and totally essential

You’re just too valuable and simply incredible!

~ Andre Dominguez

You’re Extraordinary

I can say you’re not ordinary

And say that you’re extraordinary

Yet what good will this do

When you’ve learned such as arbitrary

Push aside this adversary 

Move forward as a visionary

Keep your drive alive

And soon you will be legendary.

~ Andre Dominguez

A Realization

You need not only motivation 

Or even simply inspiration

You’re phenomenal enough

You also need that realization

So put this in meditation

And let go of your hesitations

Put what you’ve got to work

And soon you’ll reach your aspirations

~ Andre Dominguez

This Is All About You

These rhymes are all about you

And everything you can do

From your hustle and grind

To the things you go through

About the things in your mind

And the things you never knew

Cus you got the potential

While possibilities abound

Yet hard work is essential

If you want to be crowned.

~ Andre Dominguez


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